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Sarah Kable is a private investigator. Kable works on a range of cases including: missing adults, missing children, abducted children, runaway teens and human trafficking. She likes to work and to work alone. Alone is what she knows.  

Kable has been tracking the missing for 20 years and is highly experienced in finding the lost and those that don’t want to be found. Her experience has ensured her a lucrative position as a police consultant and her private clients pay handsomely to find loved ones, or those that don't want to be found.  Although she works closely with the federal bureaus, she is outside of traditional law enforcement bounds. As a private investigator she can pursue many alternative avenues, and for Kable this always yields concrete results.

Kable’s experience has taught her that most cases are simple; family abduction, disgruntled teen,  mob crime - all with an answer one way or another. Kable knows not to make anything personal, that would get in the way, muddy the waters. Kable appears to take nothing personally and has mastered the art of hiding and keeping to herself. But when a Jacob Matthews goes missing all Kable's rules are broken and things are about to get very personal.

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